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Southern CA Jam Band with Grateful Dead Roots. Great chemistry and something to sing make up this band of established players and longtime friends. Sound of the band is often remincent to Wilco, The Band, Neil Young, Phish.


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Music grown from Acoustic Guitars and a mandolin to eventually transform to the Electric Band today- Hempstring Orchestra. We have a long rich history of playing the music of the Grateful Dead and other jam band genres. We  leaned into artist like Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, The Beatles, Neil Young. The band has been developing original lyrics and jams for years and are passionate about creating our own musical Journey. Welcome to The Hempstring Orchestra!

Scott McDowell - Guitar

Ted Tesoriero - Guitar

Eric Gabriel - Keys

Nate LaFranchi - Bass

George Bernardo - Drums

Rich Kaylor - Drums



in the afternoon

Join us at Cook's Corner for food, fun, drinks and, most of all, great music!

Cook’s Corner is considered to be one of the most famous biker bars in Southern California. It's located at the juncture of Santiago Canyon and Live Oak Canyon roads.

AUGUST 17th | THE CLIFF Restaurant in Laguna Beach from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

What's better than live music with a view? Come join us at this outdoor eatery with a view of the ocean serving seafood-leaning American cuisine, wine & cocktails. Can't wait to see you there!

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NEW ALBUM: Raging Clouds
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